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Blue Floral Bra and Panty Set
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This bra and panty set are a bit different from anything else I've owned! The bottom of the bra extends a bit further down past the cups, almost turning the bra into a crop top! In fact, I have enjoyed wearing this bra out of the house as a shirt with just a light jacket worn on top. Both the bra and the full back panty are made of a soft, silky material with some pretty lace trim that wraps around my ass cheeks and in between my legs. I've worn this bra and panty set countless times to brunch and afternoon events. I've even enjoyed just lounging around on the couch in this outfit. These items have had their time in the limelight and now I'd like to send this set off to someone that wants to hold one of my favorite lingerie sets in their hands! Could that be you!?

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