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Refunds are only given in the event that the website is unavailable for customers to access for a period of 3 days or longer. The issue must be caused by the website or server and not the customer. Example, if you are attempting to access this site with incorrect log-in credentials (username/password are entered wrong) and therefore cannot access this site for a week, that isn't grounds for a refund. If the issue is on my end, as in, the site or server is offline for 3 days, then a refund will be given.

Before joining, the tour will show you exactly what is inside this site. If you assume there is something that is not advertised and you purchase a membership, a refund will not be granted. Please be 100% sure you are interested in what this site offers before signing up.

If a refund is requested, the customer must be in good standing at that time.

If your account has been suspended for misuse of the server or site ripping, I will not comply with a refund request.

With all refunds, the customer is then banned from the site/network and in some cases, all SegPay sites in the future.

We're sorry to hear that you're considering cancelling your subscription/membership to our web site!

If you're unhappy, something is wrong, or you need help with your account, please login to your account on our site and send us a private message. We will do our best to help you or to fix any problems you're having.

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