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Coming Upstairs With Me?

Coming Upstairs With Me?

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October-December 2023 Selfies

October-December 2023 Selfies

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JOI Speedrun!

Features: Jerk off instruction and edging dirty talk! Handjob at various speeds, blow job at various speeds, and fucking/riding in different positions at alternating speeds! There is plenty of dirty talk, a striptease out of a dress to reveal lingerie and stockings, full nudity, and Torso Man. I've added in some fun graphics (an orgasm progress bar and a countdown timer) that give you various ways to enjoy the video and keep pace/control of your orgasm. There is even a race between us at the end! Will you cum first or will I!?

A twist on the usual JOI theme! You've sought out professional help from big-tit sex therapist, Dr. Kayla. You initially contacted Kayla because you'd like some help in the bedroom. Your cock gets really hard, no issues there. No problems with your libido or your ability to reach an orgasm. It's just that your orgasms take a long time. You need a lot of build-up. Edging porn and jerk-off-instruction videos take up 80% of your hard drive space. On top of that, when you are with a woman, you get a bit self-conscious, nervous, and intimidated. If only you could find a woman that would order you to lay down, do nothing, and let her take over your cock for her pleasure! Your first session with Kayla last week was intense and it did not go as you expected! She refers to her sessions as "lessons" and you were expected to participate in a very physical way throughout the entire lesson! Kayla seems to have picked up on the fact that you like the idea of a woman controlling your cock and your orgasm. And that you might even be able to have a better, more satisfying orgasm if a big-tit babe decides exactly how, when, and if you will cum!
JOI Speedrun!

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Becoming Your Date!

Features: Nerdy step-sis becomes your hot prom date! She then goes on to become a super sexy, very tall, college babe, so attractive that your cock seems to have completely forgotten that she is still your step-sis! Transformation fantasy with a magical necklace that grants wishes; Breast, ass, leg, and hair growth for me; Cock growth and cock worship for you; There are two nerdy-to-hottie transformation scenes and a quick giantess growth scene at the end; Quick breast expansion/growth scene; A taboo, POV, bro/sis blow job scene; Self-admiration and worship; Breast, ass, and face close-ups; Age progression role play; Outfit changes; Flashes and a little bit of full nudity at the end!
Becoming Your Date!

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Out Of Control AI GF Boob Growth!

You'll want some earbuds for this video! I've kept the audio low and somewhat ASMR-style so that you can close your eyes during parts of the dialog and jerk off to the images I help create for you! In this clip, I'm an AI version of myself that is hosted right here on my site! You can log in and interact with me at any time. The best part: you can create your dreamgirl version of me each time that you log in and play with me! And of course, being the big-tit lover that you are, the first thing that you do is request for my AI image to start off with as small a cup size as possible. You love watching my tits expand and grow to an enormous size over and over again. You and I had so much fun pumping up my tits last week! I'm so glad that you are back for more. You know, last week, after you had filled my rack out to a nice, big G-cup, you noticed that your pants were a bit tight. And you were adjusting your bulge more frequently throughout all of the week. It could just be your imagination and your pent-up hormones, but it really does seem like your cock grew a bit last week as you played with me. It seems an inch or two longer. And maybe even a bit thicker and harder. You are eager to play with me again and pump my tits up to an I-cup this time as I help you pump your cock up again right along with my bra size!
Out Of Control AI GF Boob Growth!

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