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You've Got My Number

Features: Roleplaying/fantasizing about sex with a stranger while on vacation; POV, above and behind, looking down my body; Strappy, blue lingerie set; Slow, sweet, sensual dirty talk; Fingers only in this video and mostly soft-core nudity.

I have a sexy fantasy to share with you! And because I am on vacation this week, this is the perfect time to tell you all about it. Have you ever locked eyes with a stranger across a room and immediately wanted to fuck them!? Has it ever happened in a hotel lobby, crossing paths with a total stranger that you'd really like to see naked? Imagine if a woman, making her way to the elevator, slid a piece of paper into your hand when she walked by you. Unfold the paper and what do you see? 506. Her hotel room number! The woman has disappeared inside the elevator. But she's made it clear what she wants. Would you do it!? Would you follow and go knock on her door? This clip has a fun POV, sensual dirty talk, and an orgasm using just my fingers. What do you think about my crazy fantasy!? Tell me below!

Date Added: July 15, 2022


19 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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