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Your Wife Gifts You Her Sis

Features: *This is kind of a follow-up to "Her Twin's Big Twins," but it can be enjoyed without having seen the other video. A twist on a taboo, sis-in-law, homewrecker role-play theme! Husband, wife and (almost) identical twin sis role-playing; Small and big tit comparisons; Cock worship; Big tit worship as I lust over my busty twin and my husband's cock; Not a lot of nudity in this clip aside from some flashing- all of the focus is on dirty talking, cleavage and boob play, POV doggy style sex with your wife, and POV tit-fucking your sis-in-law with a cumshot at the end; Conservative dress for your wife and a sexy, cleavage-bearing dress for you sis-in-law; Dirty talk centering around a taboo relationship and large breast implants; Cleavage close-ups; Light trash-talking about your wife; POV fantasy threesome with some fun voiceover effects as I pretend to be two women for you at the same time! After making sure her twin sis doesn't need anything else in order to be comfortable overnight on your couch, she hurries to climb on your bed with you. Your mind is still filled with thoughts of your sis-in-law's huge tits straining against her cocktail dress at dinner tonight. You realize you should probably put a pillow over your pants. The last thing you want on your birthday night is for your wife to cancel your promised birthday blowjob because she's caught you with a boner for her twin! But to your surprise, your wife begins voicing almost your exact thoughts. She's gushing over how sexy her twin looked tonight, amazed at how many erections her sis created at the restaurant tonight. Your wife keeps nudging you as she talks about her twin, licking her lips, and looking at you with a sex-crazed expression. What is going on!? Before you know it, your wife has unzipped you, pulled your cock out and is jacking you off while she continues to tell you just how much SHE is lusting over her twin. Your wife loves how hard you get over the sight of her big-breasted, seductive sis. In a moment of passion, your wife blurts out that she fantasizes about the two of you fucking your sis-in-law. You are either dreaming or this is the best birthday ever. But you haven't even unwrapped your birthday gift yet. And when your gift struts into the bedroom in a super sexy, red dress, and sits down with you and your wife on the bed, your brain (and cock) feel ready to explode! Your wife's big-titty twin is your birthday gift! But the way she is climbing on top of you, claiming you, and holding you to the mattress makes it clear that you belong to your sis-in-law tonight. Your wife has told her what an amazing fuck you are, how hard you get, and how appreciative you are of big, fake tits. Can you handle your horny wife and her cock-tease twin at the same time in the same bed? Will you focus on your wife while you bend her over and fuck her from behind? Or will you keep your eyes on her twin the entire time!?

Date Added: October 28, 2022


45 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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