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Troop Leader Tactics

Features:  Girl scout troop leader seduces her stepson out of cum and cash! Step-ma/stepson role playing; Paying for sex; Strip teasing out of costume and g-string; Taboo dirty talk; Tits, panty, pussy, and ass close-ups; Spreading and shaking my ass and tits at you; Dirty talk about groping and sucking on my tits, pussy and ass licking, face-sitting, and masturbation encouragement; Orgasm with fingers at the end!

Remind me why I volunteered to be a girl scout troop leader. I don't like babysitting these little brats. All of us women are fed-up and in need of a vacation. We've come up with a great scam. Let's go knocking door-to-door, asking for donations to fund a tropical resort getaway! Only it's not cookies we are handing out! It's something much more exciting. Your complimentary gift is determined by how generous you are with your donation! Knock, knock. Wait...Ben? My former stepson? All grown up, in college, and living on your own now!? I had no clue this was your apartment. You look so much like your pops I really enjoyed sex with your pops. The only reason we broke up is because he just couldn't give me enough sex! He couldn't keep up with me! Do you think you could handle your step-ma? Wanna find out? I mean you've spent years with your eyes glued to my tits and ass anyway. How many times did I walk in on you only to find you jerking off to pictures of me!? That's so inappropriate. But so hot. Want to make a donation and pick a reward off of my menu? For $75 you can stare at me naked tits and jerk yourself off. A $100 donation gets your face between these tits and I will jerk you off! For $200, let's flip me over, bend me over and you can put your face between my ass cheeks. Stroke your cock yourself while you taste my pussy and ass! Want more of me!? Than open your wallet even wider for your step-ma. $300 and I will sit down on your face backwards. You'll be able to fuck my pussy and my ass with your tongue. You can do anything you'd like with your mouth and your hands and I will enjoy pumping your cock hard and fast until you squirt your load everywhere! There's even a $500 option, but can my broke college student even afford that!? Give me what you've got and I'll give my stepson his treat.

Date Added: September 17, 2021


37 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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