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The Breasts That Won the West ---Breast Expansion and Transformation clip

Features: A breast expansion/growth clip that features a few quick magical transformation scenes as well! A frumpy, down-on-her-luck cowgirl changes into a big-boobed hottie! Nerdy to sexy; Small tits to big tits; Short hair to long hair; Progressively skimpier clothing and bikinis as well as different pairs of shoes/heels; The magical catalyst for my breast growth starts with a snake bite on my boob and continues as I encourage my cowboys to stroke and pump their...snakes!

The cowboys gave me the nickname of “Tumbleweed”. My hair is short and frizzy. I'm a little rough around the edges. And when I roll through town, my looks don't catch the eye of anyone. Just like a tumbleweed. And just the way I like it. What I don't like though is that these cowboys refuse to take me seriously. I joined up with them because I want to be a cowgirl. I want to ride, explore, stick-up stagecoaches, have a whiskey, and shoot my 6 shooter! But they've assigned me so many campsite duties that I never get a break from cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the horses. I know they are doing this on purpose. They don't want me out in the wild west with them. They think I can't handle the ride. These men are certain that I'll be unable to look after myself and that I'll only bring them trouble. “No women allowed” is the attitude these men seem to carry when it comes to cowboy life! Unless they are inebriated and horny that is! And then they are all too happy to stroll into the local brothels and saloons and have their fill of women. I'm jealous of those ladies. They make great money and they secretly control the wild west. This little town wouldn't exist if it weren't for the beauty and the brains that these hotties possess. If only I could team up with them instead. But they'd exclude me just like these cowboys have. A chick with no boobs, no ass, and no sex appeal would never make it in a brothel! Well, hell....where DO I fit in then!? Hey, why is that potato sack moving around? What's in it? I guess I'll stick my hand in and find out. Aghhh! A snake! And it jumped out of my hand and bit me right on my tiny tit! I'm feeling so strange. Is it the venom rushing through me, causing me to hallucinate and see two huge boobs attached to my usually flat body!? And where did this curvy ass come from? How will I explain these long, sexy legs to the cowboys when they ride back to camp? What will they do and what will they say when they see that Kayla the campsite cook has transformed into a big-breasted bikini-clad cowgirl!?


Date Added: March 20, 2021


36 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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