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Testing My New Camera!

This is a half-conversational video about my new sex machine (and the trouble I've run into with it!) and half-fucking my new thrusting toy video! I've got some new Christmas-themed pajamas on while I show you my sex machine and tell you all about it. And then I switch into a sexy Santa outfit and thigh-high boots for my double orgasms with my new thrusting toy! And we can't celebrate Christmas without some extra decorations. So there just may be a shiny, jeweled butt plug in the mix as well!

I've also used my new camera to film this. What are your thoughts on it? Please feel free to leave me feedback if you'd like to! I like the tracking feature. It seems to follow me around the room well enough. Sometimes it struggles to understand "full-body" versus torso but that's not a huge deal. It seems to get rather blurry once it's zoomed in though. I had the autofocus feature turned on while filming this. So, next time, I think I'll turn that off and see if I'm a bit less blurry when I'm further from the camera and it's zooming in on me. What do you think about the audio? Send me your thoughts! I wrap up the video with some more rambling about my personal schedule for the remainder of this year and also spend a minute asking YOU a few questions! See you Tuesday for our last live show of 2023!!

Date Added: December 15, 2023


45 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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