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Take Your Vitamins

Features: taboo milf role play; power play and power struggles; sensual domination; dirty talk; POV handjob and tit fucking with my squirting toy; stripping out of my leggings, sports bra, and g-string; descriptive talk around cock growth and cock worship; begging for a cumshot/creampie; riding my big toy until I cum!

Your step-milf is working her ass right into your line of sight again as the two of you finish up the daily workout routine. You agreed to help her out and volunteered to be her workout buddy this month. Your step-milf is eager to look good in her little black dress so that she can hook up with someone at the office Christmas party tomorrow night. She finishes up her squats, her ass thrusting almost up against your crotch as you pretend to monitor her squat form. You could care less if she is performing squats correctly. All you can think about is how your new, huge, extra thick and long cock would perform between your step-milf's tits!

You took some vitamins a few days ago! Okay, okay, they weren't exactly vitamins. They were dick-growth pills! And wow, they really worked! Just like the ad on Porn Hub said they would! You are four, maybe six inches longer, three inches thicker, and your balls are filled with three times the load of cum that they usually produce! And your Christmas wish is to blow your load deep inside of your step-milf tonight!

As she is standing close to you, complaining about how sore her ass muscles are from all the squats, you reach down and grab a big handful of your m0m's ass! She is shocked but she doesn't stop you. Next your hands are on her tits, groping and squeezing and pulling her closer to your hard, huge cock.

She unconvincingly tells you that she'd like you to stop feeling her up, her eyes and body language asking you for more. So you tear off her leggings and before you know it your cock is in your step-milf's mouth, between her tits, and eventually she is riding your cock and telling you how she can't get enough of your newly improved asset! Your night ends with this big-tit milf promising to give up all other men in favor of your amazing cock and huge cumload! Do your chores, get your tuition paid for, get fucked, happy holidays!

Date Added: December 23, 2022


40 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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