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Super Power Remote!

Features: a transformation fantasy clip with several different costume and outfit changes! Step-bro/sis/and step-ma role-playing; Physical changes happen for both you and me! Nerdy to hottie; Age progression; Growth fetish; Long hair; Heels and leg views; Teasing with cleavage and topless nudity; Velma, Micro-bikini, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy costumes; Breast growth; Height increases; Slutty superheroine role-playing! Many different heel, outfit, hair, and makeup changes.

I use my magic remote control to transform my bro into Batman, myself into Wonder Woman, and our step-ma into Poison Ivy!

I can't believe I am stuck babysitting my pesky little step-bro yet again! You are way too old to need a babysitter but you insisted to our step-ma that you needed your step-sis to stay home and miss the biggest campus party of the year just so that you can annoy me all night! Do you realize what you've done!? Attending this party was going to be my ticket into the cool, popular groups on campus! Now you've doomed me to another year of being stuck in the nerd-zone! How was I suddenly going to appear cool and desirable!? Well, how about I show you! Check out this magic remote control! Oh, shoot. In my eagerness to show off and brag in front of you, I've accidentally pressed a button on the remote while it was pointed right at you!


Are you feeling okay? You are really starting to look much different! Suddenly my younger step-bro is looking like my older step-bro! You've grown taller than me! You have muscles. In fact, EVERY part of your body is...bigger and better! Should I be looking at my step-bro in this way!? Wait, I have always been the tallest, biggest, and best in this family and there is no way I'm letting you steal my place. I'll aim the remote at myself and I watch you to watch as your nerdy step-sis undergoes a series of amazing transformations! My tits grow huge! My legs grow long. My hair cascades in waves down my back. And my physical strength grows too! Enjoy the changes you undergo as you watch your step-sis and step-ma change along with you!

Date Added: August 21, 2021


26 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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