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Submissive Step-Sis

Features: Taboo bro/sis role play; Married man; Cheating; Homewrecker; Submissive woman/dominant man; Submissive slut role play; Trash talking your wife; Breeding/Pregnancy dirty talk; Cock worship; Power struggles; Bratty princess; POV blow job with toy; Tease and denial; Cum on tits; Tied up hands; Pigtails and glasses; Riding my toy until I cum!

Where is he? We agreed that at 6pm, my step-bro would leave his wife sitting on the couch by herself and he’d come find me in his guest bedroom and fuck me. I’m laying here on their guest bed, legs spread wide, totally naked except for my thong, ready for my step-bro's cock. Why is he keeping my wet pussy waiting? My step-bro and I have been fucking for years. It’s been our little secret. He seems to have lost his nerve ever since getting married to this boring, flat-chested woman! I’ve tried to move on from my step-bro and fuck other men, try out other cocks. But nothing and no one satisfies me like my step-bro does. I just can’t live without his cock in my mouth and pussy! That’s why I’ve convinced him and my sis-in-law to let me live with them for a while! I knew that when my step-bro saw me wandering around his house in my barely-there shorts, hard nipples poking through my thin tank tops, his cock would be all mine again. And…it has worked! We’ve been having amazing sex again! But something is holding him up tonight. Probably that annoying wife of his. When he finally opens the bedroom door and slides inside of the room, I’m eager to forgive him for being late and get him between my legs and on top of me! But my step-bro is resisting my advances! What is the problem now!? He suddenly wants to be faithful to his wife? This is total BS and I won’t…agh! My sexy, strong step-bro has pushed my naked body up against the headboard. He’s tired of my bratty mouth and wants to teach me a lesson. Before I know it, my hands are tied, and my step-bro’s cock is just an inch away from my mouth! The catch? I can’t have his cock, the one thing I want most in the world, until I admit loud and clear that my sole purpose in life is to worship and serve my step-bro’s cock and collect his cum! After some begging and pleading, I see that I have to submit or risk losing his cock forever. I offer up my tits, pussy, and mouth to my step-bro, knowing that he owns my body. After an amazing cum shot on my tits, I run off to flaunt my reward to his wife! I want her to see just how much my step-bro loves me and just how much he lusts after me. From here on out, wifey is going to be our live-in nanny, taking care of all of the babies that my step-bro is going to knock me up with!

Date Added: April 8, 2022


40 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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