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Sperm Donor ---SPH fetish clip

Features: Small penis humiliation! Semen donor and sperm bank employee role play; Measuring your cock; Measuring my tits, cleavage, tongue, and ass in order to compare them to your tiny cock size. Laughing and giggling at your cock; Name-calling; Dirty talk; Topless nudity; Light blue mini dress.

Some extra cash would be nice. Plus, you jerk off all the time and your cum just ends up in a tissue or a sock. Why not donate that sperm to someone in need of it? You never stopped to consider that there might be..umm..eligibility requirements that need to be met in order to become a sperm donor! It's too late now. You are at the clinic and Kayla, the sexy intern, is flirting with you and eager for you to whip your cock out so that she can take and write down your dick measurements! What!? You didn't know you would be facing a measuring tape for this. That's the last thing you want. You've got barely 4-inches down there, on a good day! You are not surprised when Kayla's smile quickly leaves her face and she bursts out in a loud laugh. You've been witness to this reaction before, though previous women at least attempted to stop their giggles and take your micro-dick seriously. Kayla doesn't seem to care and keeps pointing, laughing, measuring and comparing your popcorn shrimp to her body parts. She tells you that there is no chance in hell that enough of a sperm sample can be collected from your nanometer peter. A sperm donation today is definetly not going to happen. You simply don't measure up. But you knew that didn't you? Part of you wanted to come to this clinic hoping you could expose your tiny penis to just the right woman. A women who isn't afraid to demonstrate to you in various ways just how different you are from the usual sperm donor that frequents Kayla's office! You simply can't compete.

Date Added: October 4, 2019


31 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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