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Sis-in-Law Daydream

Features: taboo relationship; coworker and sis-in-law fantasy role play; big tit obsession; tit fucking; masturbation encouragement; JOI games and edging revolving around the zipper on my tight bodysuit; mini skirt, red mini dress, heels; teasing with cleavage; handjob with a realistic toy; dirty talk about our taboo relationship and your lust for big tits; cheating; homewrecker, POV fantasy sex while I ride you; tit fucking my squirting toy until I have a nice cumshot all over my tits! Topless nudity only in this clip. This video starts off with you in the middle of a sexy daydream! You are fantasizing about your sis-in-law's tits, which is a daily activity for you. Your SIL is also your coworker which means that you are hard at work every single day! In this daydream, I have sat down in front of you, eager to give you what you want most in the world: 15 minutes of orgasmic bliss with your cock out, eyes on my exposed tits, jerking off exactly as I tell you to! I tell you what you have always wanted to hear: that I have wanted your cock and your cum just as much and for just as long as you have lusted after my tits. Pretty much since you and my sis started dating, I have wanted you for myself. I'm so glad you married into my family that way I get to see you and your constant erection any time I'd like. And this affair of ours will be our little secret. Hello?? Hey, snap out of it!! I think you were daydreaming. You better compose yourself and get your act together. We have an important work project to focus on. Maybe I should call my sis and let her know that her husband is acting a bit strange. I mean, look down at your pants! Why are you so hard right now? What exactly were you daydreaming about!? Whoa. I didn't expect you to answer that question. You were fantasizing about my tits? But, I'm your sis-in-law. You are married to my sis! That is messed up. And I love it. Before you know it, your daydream is coming to life! Your big-breasted SIL is showing you her red bra and demanding that you pull your hard cock out of your pants. If you are going to walk around in this office with an erection like that, you better be prepared to show it off to your wife's sis! Just as you are starting to moan, getting closer and closer to an orgasm as your SIL jerks you off with her hands and tits, your wife calls! And your SIL decides to answer, right there and then! But a conversation with your wife isn't going to stop this woman from climbing on top of you and riding your cock! By the end of the night, your SIL has a load of your cum on her tits and she's already plotting out how to arrange and enjoy a threesome with you, her sis, and herself!

Date Added: April 26, 2024


48 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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