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Share a Shower!

Features: With Torso Man as my co-star, I suck and fuck the neighbor who lives on the floor below me! Nip slips and flashing from beneath my towel; Riding forwards and reverse; Super wet orgasm with a few minutes at the end focusing on spreading my pussy and letting you watch Torso Man's cum drip out of me!

*Yaaawn* Time to get up, get in the shower, and get ready for work. I turn the water on so that it can get nice and hot while I pull my hair up and out of the way. Dropping my towel, I step into the stream of water, ready for the hot steam to wrap around me and....agh!! It's so cold!! Not again. Not this again. *Knock, knock, knock* Oh, no. It's him again. The man that lives in the apartment directly beneath me. We has taken the elevator up to knock on my door three times this month. Each time he is soaking wet, wearing only a towel, and he's shivering and looking grumpy. This time is no different. I open the door and he immediately begins to tell me once again that his shower water is cold! It seems that somehow the hot water between his apartment and mine is connected. We have each filed complaints but nothing has been done about our shared problem yet. My neighbor is looking extra cold and he really is trembling so bad, with nothing covering his naked body but a hand towel. I invite him into my bedroom. I watch wilderness survival shows and I know that hypothermia can be deadly when you are cold and wet. I convince him that we need to press our naked bodies together and then he needs to but his most important extremity inside of me. While we wait for my shower to warm back up, we can fuck and fuck and raise our body temperatures! And then my neighbor can fill me up with his hot cum so that I can enjoy watching it drip back out of me.

Date Added: March 25, 2022


34 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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