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Set Phasers for Cum

Features: Spock costume and some Star Trek role-playing! There is also a bit of Transformation Fantasy thrown in by way of costume changes, physical changes, and mental changes. Costumes get progressively more skimpy; Short hair to long hair; Serious, nerdy attitude to slutty, sex-crazed bimbo; Boots and heels; Black pantyhose for a short scene at the beginning; Metallic, shiny clothing; Sucking, fucking, riding and cumming with my Torso Man toy, large dildo, and metallic Njoy toy; Full-nudity and a creamy, wet orgasm!

Pon farr is upon us and Spockette needs to find her mate! She has an orgasm quota to meet and she's on the prowl for as many Red Shirts as she can ride today! Science leads the way in her choice of mate though, of course. The anatomy needs to be correct as well as the male's endurance levels. Once sexual intercourse has begun, Spockette wants to be able to fully satisfy herself no matter how long that may take. Pon farr creates a surge in hormones in the Vulcan body. Spockette will feel imbalanced and her normally logical mind will seem hazy and confused until she has reached sexual satisfaction. If that total satisfaction isn't reached, pon farr can cause insanity, delusions, and even physical and mental transformations. These side effects can be permanent so Spockette isn't wasting any time. Her first conquest is out, exhausted from the effort of pleasuring her pussy for hours. Frustrated and concerned about finding her next mate, Spockette's hormones spin out of control and cause her to change! Her outfit is different, as well as her face, hair, body, and mental state! Another crew member enters the room and Spockette jumps on the chance to breed with him. But sadly, he too is not quite up to the challenge of fully satisfying Spockette. The transformations begin again! Spockette has gone from nerdy, scientific alien to hot, bimbo, slut! Who will be her next mate? Surely Captain Kirk has what it takes to finish off pon farr with Spockette! Live long and don't wear a red shirt!

Date Added: May 22, 2021


34 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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