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Obedience Training --Edging And JOI

Features: A custom clip filmed a while ago that is finally leaving the vault! This clip directly relates to a couple of other clips you can find on my site, "Let's Make a Deal!", parts 1 and 2. All of these clips revolve around visual and audio repetition that encourages you to enter into a hypnotic-like state while you devote yourself to me and jerk off exactly as I tell you to! There are a couple of very specific "JOI games" that I ask you to follow along with. Many full countdowns and interrupted countdowns. Includes a low camera angle so that you are looking up at my ass, tits, and face while I tease and talk. Drawn-out teasing with my booty shorts, thong straps peeking out, and my super tiny bikini top. By request, my armpits are on display frequently, and there is some occasional arm flexing as I flaunt my power over you. I ask for you to give me many different speeds and rhythms of stroking, constantly bringing you to the edge and holding you there until I ease down again. This is one of the rare occasions when I am slightly more dominant, aggressive, and antagonistic toward you. If you like to be teased, edged, (lightly) name-called and trash-talked, and instructed on how and when you cum, you will enjoy this series of clips! This clip has topless nudity only but a lot of panty teasing too. No, Jonathan. You are not joining in on this No Nut November BS! Just the fact that you were considering it has me all kinds of amused with you. Why do you do this to yourself? Sure, you've managed to stay away from me for a bit. You've resisted your natural instincts and your desire to devote yourself to me all day long, every day. Yet, here you are once again! On your knees, begging for me to take control of your cock yet again. And that's because you always end up feeling so good when you surrender yourself and your orgasms to me. When you are completely unsure of when and even if you will cum tonight, your lust and desire become all-consuming. And that feels good, doesn't it? Your erection gets harder and harder when I make you wait and wait. And when you see the satisfaction on my face as you successfully meet every task I throw your way, you know the intensity of your orgasm is growing and growing. These little games we share are just as pleasurable as they are agonizing. I understand why you are addicted to our games and why you enjoy losing yourself to me over and over!

Date Added: November 11, 2022


38 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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