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Nose Model -- Sneeze fetish clip

Features: Model/actress audition role play; Induced, real sneezes and sniffly nose; Chhinkni powder used off-screen; Skimpy mini-dress and heels; Topless nudity; Front and profile views of my nose while I talk about my nose and about sneezing.
(My camera struggles to stay focused during the first part of this but it does get better!)

I'm so excited about this modeling opportunity! I wonder what kind of modeling it could be. Runway modeling? Catalog? Bikini? Lingerie? Maybe even fully nude! I don't care what it is as long as it's glamorous and exciting! Oh.....you want me to be a....nose model? Well, that sounds pretty dull and boring. But hey, a girl has got to bust into the modeling scene somehow, right? So what do I need to do? Probably just show my nose off from different angles and talk about whatever product you are hoping to advertise, right? Just so you know, sometimes when I touch my nose or start to talk about my nose a strange thing happens. It gets all ticklish and tingly feeling. And once that happens I usually start to sneeze. And not just one quiet sneeze. But many loud sneezes over and over again. Why does that seem to excite you so much? Hey, I'm a cam girl and I can recognize a sneeze lover when I see one! Are you one of those guys that jerks off to the sight and sound of busty women sneezing!? I think you and I are definitely going to be able to work out a great business relationship. It's gonna cost you though! These private, one-on-one, topless sneeze jerk-off sessions are really going to explode your bank account. Just like I'll be exploding your cock with my sneezes!

Date Added: January 3, 2020


22 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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