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New Swim Coach

Features: Neighbor asks gullible Kayla to fill in for the college swim coach and tricks her into modeling a super skimpy bikini for him. Kayla never knew how exhilarating wearing something like this could be! After giving the neighbor boy a slutty bikini fashion show, the two decide that bikins aren't even necessary for all the hot sex they need to have right here on Kayla's couch! Younger guy/older woman role play; Hot, married neighbor lady role play; college student/swim coach role play; Shy, modest, embarrassed woman becomes slutty and sex-crazed; Skimpy bikini try-on's; High heels; POV riding my Torso Man toy! Dirty talk, Tit fucking and blow job!

Kayla is the neighbor lady that I have a crush on. She lives in the neighborhood with her husband. She is sweet but also a bit too trusting and somewhat gullible. I'm home from college right now and I've been using my free time to hatch a plan. Kayla and I are on friendly terms. I go out of my way to help her with whatever I can, just to be around her. Today, after offering to mow her yard, I've made up an excuse about needing to talk to her, which gets me invited into her house. After a bit of chit-chat, I tell Kayla that I have a favor to ask. Our school's swim coach left recently and if we don't find a replacement we will be disbanded. Surely Kayla wouldn't mind filling in for the handful of events left this school year. Kayla is hesitant, stating that she doesn't know anything about coaching, but I'm able to reassure her that the team really only needs a signature on a piece of paper and some kind of an adult to supervise the swim competitions. Since that's the case, Kayla agrees to help me out! I knew this would work! Now that I've got a commitment from her....time to reveal my plan. In order to be easily identifiable to officials at our swim events, and in case something happens in the pool, Kayla will need to wear the provided school-approved swimsuit. I've brought several for Kayla to try on so that she can pick the one with the best fit. Only.....these are not school-approved at all. Far from it. I've brought along three bikinis that amount to nothing more than some strings and a few tiny scraps of fabric. Just enough fabric to cover Kayla's nipples and pussy and that's about it! Kayla is sceptical and nervous to try these on in front of me but I can sense her excitement and sensuality increasing as she models for me. My cock is instantly hard and bulging in my pants as she steps towards me in the first thong bikini. I've been dreaming about this moment for so long! Kayla remarks that she's not used to wearing something so revealing and that it's kinda fun! Totally into it now she starts touching her tits. Rubbing them, pushing them together, showing off her cleavage, even shoving them in my face! Soon her ass is grinding on my lap and Kayla is gushing over how huge and hard my dick is. Before I know it, the third bikini is on the floor and Kayla is on top of me! I think I've just won myself some private swim lessons for the rest of the summer. I better go shopping for some more skimpy bikinis.

Date Added: September 20, 2019


42 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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