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My Exxxam

Features: Pervy gynecologist and anal sex obsessed patient role-play! I catch my doctor taking pictures of my pussy and recording short videos while he examines me, all with the intention of selling this footage online! After confronting him, I decide that I want in on this money making opportunity. But I also want the doctor to answer all of the many questions I have about experiencing anal sex for the first time! Clip includes full-nudity almost right from the start; Different camera angles as the “doctor” examines me, including an under-the-sheet view; Dirty talk about casual sex and the desire to try out anal sex; Dirty talk surrounding fucking my doctor; Manipulation and blackmail; Pussy and ass close-ups and spreading; Three different sizes of butt plugs; Orgasm with my clear, jelly dildo and a butt plug!

I was nervous to bring up the subject with my doctor. I'm comfortable with talking about my vagina and about sex with him. Why should my ass and anal sex be any different? Maybe it's just my total lack of experience that had me so worried about what my doctor's reaction to my questions might be. But he was surprisingly excited and eager to dive right into the topic! He gently pushed my thighs apart and lowered himself down between my legs until I could no longer see him, my view blocked by the sheet covering my lower body. I could feel his tough on me though. His fingers spreading my outer pussy lips, I knew he would now be able to see just how pink and wet I was today. Did I just feel a finger slowly massaging my ass hole? I take that as my cue and begin to ask my doctor different questions about anal sex: how do I learn how to take a big cock in my ass? How do I ensure that it's a pleasurable experience for myself? My stream of questions are interrupted when the doctor stands up and informs me that he left some of his necessary equipment in another room. He leaves and I'm left with alone with my obsessive thoughts about how amazing anal sex must be! What is that noise though? Kind of a beeping....no, more like a camera shutter noise. And it's coming from between my legs. I pull back the sheet.....there's a phone pointed right at me! The camera app is open and the blinking recording light tells me everything I need to know! Before I can react any further, the doctor walks back into the room, his arms full of dildos and various sizes of butt plugs! Watch to find out where the story goes from here!

Date Added: April 9, 2021


44 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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