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Miracle Goo --Transformation Fantasy clip

Features: Transformation Fantasy role play; Age regression; Transformation catalyst is your magic cum! Several different physical and mental changes (old therapist->younger therapist->sexy, horny cam girl->powerful sex goddess); Many different outfit changes including different styles of heels, dresses, lingerie, corset, hairstyles, and makeup; Reluctant transformation at first with encouraged transformations throughout most of the clip; This one does have full nudity towards the end!

Kayla is the most senior ranking therapist in all the town...with an emphasis on SENIOR. "That's right, I've seen it all, heard it all. I usually don't take new patients on an "emergency" basis, but when you were willing to schedule five sessions... in advance... and pay for it all in cash...Well, let's just say that I could tell beyond the shadow of a doubt that you were a SERIOUS young man!" She grabs her bifocals and her notepad, preparing to take notes. Kayla adjusts her saggy pantyhose and straightens her drab white office shirt, ill-fitting business jacket, and old-fashioned strand of pearls. "Now sit back and relax and tell me all your problems... what, just one problem? Well, that should simplify matters--why don't you go ahead and tell me what it is? Come on, no reason to feel embarrassed; I'm a highly-trained, highly-experienced professional. It's not like you're going to tell me anything that I haven't heard countless times before... (Speak up, sonny, I can't quite hear you...) You have...what? You're saying that you possess some sort of "power" over women?" Kayla lets out an old-lady cackle, rolls her eyes, and informs you that you're not the first man to walk into her office with this kind of confession. Men have spent centuries roaming the Earth trying to prove their power over women. "Ha! Men are so naive," she chuckles away with her senior citizen sense of humor. "But seriously, what is this so-called power that you presumably command?" Annoyed with Miss Kayla's sarcasm and skepticism, you realize that a full demonstration of your powers is called for and....you pull out your cock and begin to stroke it hard and fast! Kayla screams, clutches her pearls, and orders you to remove yourself from her office immediately. But it's too late, you've already blown your load all over Kayla. And once again, your immense powers and your giant puddle of cum have produced huge changes! The old granny in front of you is now a young woman! Not quiet a hot babe yet but with continued sessions with Miss Kayla you are sure to transform this old hag into a total hottie! Stroke your cock, unleash your Miracle Goo, and watch as you magically transform this stuffy aged therapist into a hot office chick, a seductive young cam girl, and finally an immortal Sex Goddess that wants nothing more than to fuck all of the Miracle Goo out of you that she can!

Date Added: November 16, 2019


36 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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