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Locked Up And Under My Control!

Features: sensual domination, orgasm denial/orgasm control; cum countdowns; chastity device role-playing; fishnet dress, fishnet stockings, high heels, and thong panty; orgasm edging; teasing with cleavage and views of my ass while bent over; bouncing, squeezing, shaking, and groping my tits with close-up views; descriptive dirty talk and orgasm encouragement as I command you to enjoy my body and your increasing desire for me.

Whoa. An unknown number has just texted you a picture of an amazing set of tits! You stop right there in the middle of the empty side street you were walking down just to stare at and enjoy the sight of the enormous boobs filling up your phone screen. You have two thoughts in your mind right now: whose breasts are these!? And how are you going to continue your walk home with this erection!? Before your brain has a chance to answer you, you feel a prick in your arm, the world is going dim, your legs are buckling underneath you, your eyes are closing, and the ground is rushing up to meet you as you collapse. When you open your eyes again, you are in a bright room, and your line of sight is full of tits yet again. In fact, it's those same tits from the text message! You'd recognize them anywhere! In spite of your confusion, you feel yourself begin to get hard again. Ouch! Something cold and metal is pressing against your cock, preventing your erection from fully forming. What the hell? It looks like your cock is in some sort of....cage!? And there's a small padlock on it! Panic is setting in as the sound of a pair of heels click your way.

Kayla is smiling at you, taunting you with a small key hanging around her neck, and asking if you recognize her face from the news. Apparently, she is some kind of creep and has been stealing men away when they least expect it, holding them here in her lair, and tormenting their cocks! And she plans on doing the same to you! But you are also different from everyone else before you, she explains. You are special, and you have exactly what Kayla has been looking for! Kayla has the key to your cock, and she's been studying you from a distance! She has figured out exactly what it is that turns you on. And she wants to prove to you that she can make you cum even while you are locked up and unable to stroke your cock! Kayla knows you are a big tit lover. You go crazy for cleavage and a nice, big ass. The right kind of teasing will make you explode no matter what kind of situation you are in. You'll gladly submit to Kayla and agree to anything she wants if she continues to parade her body in front of you!

Date Added: February 17, 2023


46 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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