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Honeymoon Practice

Best friend/engaged man role playing; Homewrecker; Cheating; Moaning and dirty talk; Tit play and tit comparison dialogue; (Fake) cum play; Teasing with cleavage in a deep v-neck, white dress and heels; Handjob with my toy, tit fucking, finger fucking, and a cum shot all over my tits with help from my squirting toy! You're feeling uneasy. Undecided. Worried! Do you have cold feet? You will be a married man in three more days! Your best friend, Kayla, has taken you out to see a movie this evening in an attempt to give your brain a rest from the stress of wedding and honeymoon planning. But sitting next to Kayla, sharing popcorn, her giant tits accidentally brushing against your arm now and then....you're only feeling more confused and frustrated now. Kayla is excited for you and is going on and on about your upcoming honeymoon and her own hopes to one day become a newly-wed cum slut, wanting nothing more than to spend all day and night riding her new husband's cock. Wait, what!? Should your friend be staring at you so intently like this, sharing these hot, intimate desires with you? You know you really shouldn't have a super hard, erection right now! But with Kayla talking like this with you, your mind can't help imaging Kayla's big tits walking down the aisle towards you! Your mind should be on your fiancé but instead you are picturing your best friend naked and waiting for you on your honeymoon bed.  Just as you are trying to calm your cock down, Kayla reappears from the bedroom wearing a white dress! It's just a normal, white mini dress. But under the circumstances, you can't help but wonder what Kayla is trying to convey right now. You get your answer when Kayla decides that what you need is some "honeymoon practice". She's convinced that a run-though of your wedding night activities will erase any doubts you are having and chase away your nervous feelings. And, of course, Kayla is just the woman to help you practice! Before you know it, your best friend has pulled her giant tits out from the top of her dress and her hand is wrapped around your cock, stroking you! Precum starts dripping out of you and doesn't stop as Kayla begins to trash talk your soon-to-be-wife. Kayla wants the image of herself in a white dress burned into your memory so that on your wedding night, you are thinking of Kayla's curves instead of focusing on giving your new wife an orgasm. Before you know it, you will be blowing your load all over Kayla's huge tits, a memory you'll be beating off to every night after your wife drifts off! 

Date Added: July 1, 2022


32 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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