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Hearts in Sync

REMINDER: GRAB YOUR EARBUDS!! This is a whispered ASMR and heartbeat fetish clip, with very quiet audio!

Features: Sex therapist/patient role playing; Girlfriend-experience; ASMR; Whispered dirty talk; Medical fetish; Cardiophilia; Stethoscope play; My real, recorded heartbeat (this time it's recorded after filming, while I re-watch myself!); Breath play and some mouth noises; Speeding up and slowing down my heart twice; Edging and jerk-off encouragement; An orgasm with the help of a quiet vibrator and my fingers; A sensual JOI game; A quick cum-countdown for you!

I thought I pushed you too far, too fast last month. I've waited and waited for my office phone to ring and to find your name on my schedule. I had almost given up, thinking I'd never see you here again for another session. But today, here you are: naked in my office, breathing heavy, heart racing, waiting for your next instructions. I guess I was wrong! I hadn't scared you off. You are ready for another therapy session with me! You seem eager to get started and why shouldn't you be? You've had a hard time recently achieving a full orgasm. You're able to get fully erect and hard. There's no dip in your levels of arousal or sexual excitement. You just can't seem to cum good and hard like you use to! You want that feeling again as your cock pumps out a big load of cum. You want to be able to fill up a woman's mouth with your cum again. (Or better yet....cover your therapist's tits with your cum!) So we are going to switch things up today for this therapy session. We've done enough talking and it's time to take some action. I think your body might just be out of sync. Specifically your heart. Your lack of orgasms has made it difficult for you to feel confident fucking a woman lately. You haven't had your body or even just your cock pressed up against a woman's body in far too long. I need to help you get reconnected and find the right rhythm again. Listening to my heart will help your body to get in tune with mine! Listen as my heart starts off quiet and slow and my pulse begins to race as I rub, vibrate, and fuck my pussy towards an orgasm! Listen to your own heart as you stroke your cock and keep pace with my heartbeat. Can you make your hand and your heart match up with mine!? Can you line your orgasm and your heart rate up with me so that we are perfectly in sync and perfectly matched!? Leave me a comment and let me know how you do!

Date Added: June 10, 2022


40 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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