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Grow-A-Girlfriend! (Full Video)

Features: *Full Video* Transformation fantasy and giantess girlfriend role playing! Nerdy to hottie to giantess; A couple of different outfit changes; POV blow job with my toy; Riding my toy; Shrinking you and using you for my pleasure!

I've been seeing this ad on PornHub for these supplements called Grow For Your Girlfriend. They guarantee to add several inches to your penis! I would love to add some length to my cock and then send Kayla Kiss, my favorite cam girl, a picture of my newly extended addition! I know she just loves dick pics and I really want to make an impression! A box has shown up at my house and I eagerly tear open the package. I can't wait to swallow one of these pills and let the magic begin. Imagine my disappointment when instead of my dick growth pills, I find some cheap piece of plastic, shaped like a woman, claiming to be a Grow-A-Girlfriend kit. What!?!? No!! I want to grow my cock! Grrr. I've been scammed. And now I'm horny from thinking about Kayla. I might as well jerk off anyway. Stroke, stroke, squirt, squirt. Oh no. Some of my cum got on that tiny figure of a woman. The packaging specifically said, “Warning: Contact with bodily fluids could result in big, huge side effects.” What does that even mean? What is gonna happen? And why is there now a woman on my bed!? She begging me for more cum. Should I do it!?

Date Added: September 25, 2021


38 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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