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Gone Viral! (Part 2) ---transformation fantasy clips

Features: *Blast from the past* I filmed this clip in 2017! (And thank you to the fan who wrote the script all the way back in 2014!) This is either a really good time or a really bad time to finally release this trio of transformation fantasy videos! Enjoy parts 1 and 2 this week. Look forward to the third and final part next week (the 10th), along with a new vlog from my new apartment! This series of clips features transformations and changes that include themes like age regression, nerdy-to-hottie, scientist-to-bimbo; height growth/tall woman, physical and mental changes; Outfit changes with progressively more skimpy clothing; Wigs and heels; A virus serves as the catalyst for the changes!  

Part 2:
The scene changes to the home of a policewoman--a high alert has been declared, something about a "virus"? The short, out of shape, nerdy woman was supposed to have the day off, and she was really looking forward to spending it updating her stamp and coin collections. But everyone's been called to report to the police station--duty calls! Not as if she's ever amounted to much as a policewoman--she's never made an arrest, never had to fire her weapon. The biggest responsibility she's been given by her captain is to proofread reports and check for spelling and punctuation errors. Probably for the best, because at 4'11 hardened criminals would likely just laugh in her face.  But her pity party is interrupted. "What's that sickeningly sweet smell??" After a moment of lightheadedness, her personality does a 180 degree turn--she goes from being meek and mild to someone vengeful and spiteful. No sooner has her attitude change come to its completion do the physical changes begin. She removes her police hat to reveal a waterfall of longer than long silky hair, her plain face transforms into a colorful sultry seductive guise. Her dark navy uniform seemingly shrinks, until it becomes a dark navy bikini, made even more flattering by incredibly tall heels. "Now that's what I'm talkin' about!" She checks herself out from head to toe and back, convinced that she is the hottest of them all! She rhetorically exclaims, "What could possibly be better than this?" not expecting more to come. She begins to telescope in height, ("Look at me, I'm getting bigger... and Bigger... and BIGGER!") upward and upward in excess of 8 feet tall! "This is absolutely perfect! Well, I'M absolutely perfect! I can do just about whatever I want to whomever I want--who could possibly stop a sexy supervixen like me? And there's LOTS of people who will get to enjoy the wrath of my revenge!" as "the exact opposite" of the formerly humble woman cruelly cackles... To be continued!

Date Added: December 4, 2021


19 min of video


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