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Gone Viral! (Part 1) ---transformation fantasy clips

Features: *Blast from the past* I filmed this clip in 2017! (And thank you to the fan who wrote the script all the way back in 2014!) This is either a really good time or a really bad time to finally release this trio of transformation fantasy videos! Enjoy parts 1 and 2 this week. Look forward to the third and final part next week (the 10th), along with a new vlog from my new apartment! This series of clips features transformations and changes that include themes like age regression, nerdy-to-hottie, scientist-to-bimbo; height growth/tall woman, physical and mental changes; Outfit changes with progressively more skimpy clothing; Wigs and heels; A virus serves as the catalyst for the changes! Part 1: Through cunning US counterintelligence efforts, American troops have come into possession of what is believed to be the most powerful bioweapon that has ever been created. An incredibly potent virus which authorities believe was this close to being released in a major US city. Now that the American government is in possession of the virus, the job now is to study it and analyze it, inside and out. They've entrusted their most senior scientist to do the job; her brilliance has spearheaded important breakthroughs for the CDC, CIA, FBI, etc etc. And Dr Kayla Kiss is completely fascinated by this new challenge. Some of the grad students that Dr Kiss is speaking to today have already gone as far as to nickname the virus as "PolR", since rumor has it that it works by changing the infected victim into "the exact polar opposite" of who they ordinarily happen to be. Dr Kiss rolls her eyes at the nickname. She is a rather unlikeable, egotistical, frumpy, and stuck-up old lady that is looking forward to the virus being named in her honor. The analysis begins... and takes hours and hours and hours. Now, when she was in her 20s, such a marathon session would be a piece of cake. But now, in her 60s, fatigue starts to set in. Just because has always been the brainy woman doesn’t erase the fact that Dr Kayla is also clumsy and forgetful. Oh no, has she inadvertently spilled the vial holding the virus? Panic mounts, and then, "What's that sickeningly sweet smell??" Preoccupied by her hyperventilation, she is oblivious to the bizarre changes slowly going on. Years seem to evaporate away, apparently a decade at a time?! Spectacularly, when all is said and done, she is 21! But that's just the half of it--not missing a beat, her wardrobe changes as well. Did it get replaced... or did it just shrink? What difference does it make--the bottom line is that: a long lab coat has become a short tight blouse, a full length skirt into a micro mini, flats into severe heels. And the professional woman who never wore makeup is now a professional party girl made even sexier by fabulous makeup. She's ready to go dancing and she giggles endlessly in glee, expecting yet another "epic" evening out on the town, probably till dawn. All memories of science are totally wiped away. She looks at the strange vial marked "VIRUS" "Oooh, Virus, I've never heard of this perfume before!" She smells it but recoils in disgust... "Ugh, it's so 'sickeningly sweet'-- I am NOT gonna hook up with a hot guy tonight wearing stuff like this!!" She recklessly leaves the vial exposed on the counter--the virus is loose, is anybody safe?? To be continued!

Date Added: December 4, 2021


18 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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