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Giantess on Parade!

Features: A Transformation Fantasy and Giantess themed clip! Age regression; Growth fetish (breast, ass, legs, hair, height), Physical and mental transformations; Multiple outfit changes including several dresses, heels, booty shorts, crop top, and micro-bikini; Magical pasties act as the catalyst for my transformation and growth; Powerful/dominate woman theme; A bit of jerk-off encouragement; A lot of focus on my legs and platform heels for those of you that enjoy that!

I'm a 56 year old woman, Grand Marshal of her city's St Patrick's Day parade, and I've recently found out that my beloved position has been replaced by the mayor's newest 20-something fling! Angry and ready for revenge, with the help of you and your magical pasties, my age and wrinkles and saggy tits will melt away! I'll be young again, with long hair, full lips, wide hips and a big, round ass! And let's not overlook the fact that my saggy tits are now huge, perky, and full of bounce again! My soft, shiny hair now reaches down my back and a wave of confidence and an understanding of the power of my new sex appeal washes over me! I look better now than I ever did in my younger days. But I want more. Now that I've had a taste of these transformations, I want it all. Can you put your hands on my tits and rub the pasties that you helped me put on? The warmth from your hands and the rubbing seems to activate the magic within them! I need longer legs. These short, stumpy legs don't match the rest of my filled out, curvy body. I want to be taller! Bigger! More powerful! Make me grow and grow while you grope and massage my tits and ass. Make me 8, no, 9 feet tall! Once I'm towering above you and I've got you down on your knees, in awe of my long legs and new, sexy body, I'll start plotting out the details of this parade. All of the music, dancers, balloons, parade floats...they will all be crushed and destroyed. I am the parade now! Citizens of this city will line up along the streets, eager to adore and worship me while I strut these long legs through the town! All this walking and flaunting and strutting will leave me hungry though. I just might have to make a brunch out of some of these citizens! Forget St Patrick. St Kayla is here to collect your tributes and adoration!

Date Added: March 11, 2022


54 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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