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Ghosted By A Ghost!

You asked for it! The perverted, groping ghost is back! This clip features: supernatural/paranormal/monster role playing; damsel in distress role playing; unaware groping and being felt up; extreme close-up pussy shots; ghost POV fucking; black gloves; big tit squeezing and bouncing; elements of ENF and "made to strip"; between-the-legs panty views; power play; submissive slut; butt plug; POV fucking my toys; ghostly cumshot on my tits! My girlfriend and her husband have suddenly decided to sell their home. They just moved into this condo a year ago. It's surprising and strange that they would want out of here so quickly when they have only started to settle in. They have asked me to stop by their condo while they are on vacation in Hawaii. The two of them are eager to get their home on the market and my girlfriend practically begged me to swing by and take some photos of the interior for their For Sale listing. When I arrive, I find some strange things going on in the apartment. The heat has been cranked way up. The overhead lighting is a spooky, flickering mix of blue and purple. And as I begin to walk around and take photos of the apartment, a cock appears in each picture!! A cock on the couch. A dick on the bookshelf. A penis on the kitchen counter! And that cock certainly isn't in the room with me now. But it's definitely in the photos! What does that mean? I'm starting to feel a bit nervous. And my girlfriend had all sorts of strange rules for me to follow while visiting her home. No masturbating. No hot pink-colored thongs. No spreading pheromones around because it will attract....it. Him. But, what is IT? Who is HE? My girlfriend didn't want to explain any of that. Watch and enjoy this clip as the pervert ghost has his way with me yet again!

Date Added: May 31, 2024


47 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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