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Fucked My Friend's Pops! ---Taboo role playing, Fantasy Sex, and Big Tit Teasing

Features: Teasing and fucking my best friend's pops! Taboo role-playing; role-playing; Older man/younger woman; Small tit humiliation; Trash talking and comparing myself; Tight dress and push-up bra; Teasing with cleavage; Breast squeezing and groping; This clip centers entirely around dirty talking, my tits, and fantasy sex. There is topless nudity but no below-the-waist nudity or sex toys in this one!

Thirty minutes has gone by already as you've used one hand to scroll through Kayla's Instagram pictures, your other hand stroking and edging yourself closer to an orgasm. Startled by the noise, you hurry to put your cock away as your bedroom door cracks open! In walks Kayla, her curves on display in a tight dress, huge tits almost spilling out of her bra and the top of her dress! What is she doing creeping into your room at midnight!? She seems as surprised as you are to find herself in your bedroom. Apparently she wasn't paying attention as she made her way down the hallway, heading for Bridget's room, who is Kayla's best friend. Apologizing and turning to leave, Kayla stops and comes over to stand in front of you at the foot of your bed. You are hard under the blankets. And you are only getting harder now that the tits that you were just jerking off to online are now only a few feet away from your face! Kayla sits down on the bed with you, leaning forward a bit, her cleavage filling up your line of sight. Kayla wants to remind you about at text that she received from you last summer. A dirty text that you know you shouldn't have sent to Bridget's big-boobed best friend. But you lost control and sent it anyway. Kayla had replied last summer with a topless picture and you spent the rest of that year jerking off to that picture and the fantasy you had in your mind about fucking and cumming all over your Bridget's friend. Kayla wants some more action. She has been fantasizing about you too! Before you know what's happening, Kayla is on top of you, grinding against your hard dick, shoving her tits into your face, and begging you to let her become “his favorite girl.” You lost your chance last summer! What are you going to do this time!?

Date Added: July 23, 2021


31 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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