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For Sale! ---ENF and strip tease clip

Features: Embarrassed Nude Female role playing and strip teasing as I show a potential buyer around my house! Clothing mishaps and wardrobe malfunctions as my dress tears right off of me. Accidental flashing; Clothing destruction, Humiliation and embarrassment; CMNF role playing; Bribing; Exchanging money for nudity; Walking around in heels; Full body views and full nudity.

I’ve got to hurry! There is a showing scheduled for 10 minutes from now which means that very soon an agent and a potential buyer will be here to look at my house! I’d really love to get an offer soon so I need to hurry and tidy this place up again. A quick run through the house with the vacuum should do the trick. Oh no! My dress got sucked up into the vacuum! And now it has a big tear in it. Ding dong! Oh, great. They are here. Or rather…he is here? The buyer? All alone without an agent? No time for me to change my outfit. I greet the man and let him into my house. This is so awkward! Should I show him around my kitchen? Am I even allowed to do that without his agent around? The man immediately notices the tear in my dress and rudely asks about it! Why couldn’t he have just pretended not to see!? He probably thinks I’m such an awkward weirdo. Much to my horror, as I continue to show this man around my house the tear in my dress gets bigger and bigger. Soon my thighs are exposed, then my ass, my stomach, and finally my thong and bra! Are my tits and ass growing and getting bigger or something? Why is my clothing ripping right off of me this quickly!? My g-string strap snaps! I dash behind a curtain so that he can’t continue to eyeball fuck my naked body! But I can tell he wants something else. He wants to make a deal. But what kind!? Watch as my embarrassment and humiliation grows and grows! I really want to sell this house though!

Date Added: November 13, 2021


25 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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