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Feeling Up The Family Friend

You can't believe this. It's the weekend and you should be throwing a party at home while your parents are away on vacation. Everyone on campus loves your parties, and you have a reputation to live up to! You have 20 dick pics ready to be sent out as an invitation to all of the hot babes on campus. Sure, your parents found your dick pic postings on TikTok last time. And yes, it's why they grounded you and have decided that you need supervision. But it's insulting and ridiculous that your parents have decided that a man your age needs a babysitter! Dick pics hardly warrant a need for your m*m's best friend to come over and babysit! It's embarrassing. This woman has watched you grow up. She's been a family friend for, well, forever! And as you watch her strut around in her tight milf jeans, her big, heavy milf tits trying to bust out of her too-small crop top, you realize that you have gotten to watch this woman change and develop too over the years. And right now, you are viewing her in a whole new light!  You listen as this hot milf mentions that your parents told her about your dick pic adventures. She expresses disappointment that you are acting so immature, standoffish, and cold with her tonight. Hardly the young man that she knows you to be. Is she hitting on you? Maybe she wants to see your dick pics! You have more than just pictures you'd be willing to show this woman though. You've been filming your sex life. You have hours of hot footage to share, and even with all of her protesting otherwise, this milf seems pretty interested in seeing for herself just how good you have become in the bedroom.  This clip includes a lot of fun back-and-forth power play. There are scenes where I am a submissive woman and scenes where I take control of you, your cock, and challenge you to give into me and give me everything that I want. There is a lot of dirty talk concerning older woman/younger man role-playing, sexual experience, taboo/family themes, fantasy sex, and control.  Also features: tight jeans, crop top, glasses, and matching pushup bra and thong; full nudity; a bit of closeup kissing and whispering; Torso Man; tit fucking; blow job; riding/cowgirl. 

Date Added: February 10, 2023


43 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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