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Tide Pod Thief! ---ENF fetish/Encouraged to strip clip

Features: Embarrassed Nude Female (ENF) role playing; Encouraged to strip by neighbor; Sexy office outfit, stockings, heels, lingerie; Embarrassment and humiliation; Female desperation; Butt plug!

Why is he so mad!? Neighbors are SUPPOSED to borrow things from each other once in a while, right? Like sugar, milk, the use of your washing machine...... Okay, maybe I didn't ask if I could borrow my neighbor's washer and dryer. But that's an embarrassing thing to ask of someone that you've only exchanged a couple of friendly "hello's" with. It was much more convenient for me to just wait until he left for work each morning, sneak into his house, do a couple of loads of my laundry, and then sneak right back home with fresh, hot, neatly folded stacks of clothes. No has one suspected anything these past few months and this situation has been working out just fine for me. But apparently, it's not working out so great for him. According to him, I've cost him hundreds of dollars in water usage and he wants repayment. Well, news flash. I can't even afford to fix my broken washer. I don't have hundreds of dollars to repay him so I guess I'm off the hook! Not so fast. He wants to confiscate all of the clothes I have in my laundry basket right now, everything that might be left in the dryer, and even the entire outfit that I'm wearing this very minute. He plans on selling all of my clothes (even my panties) in hopes of recouping some of the money he's lost because of me. And he won't even offer me a towel to cover up with as I strip! What am I supposed to do!? Just get naked!? This is so embarrassing and humiliating. He's treating me like some kind of criminal. All I did was break into his house, go through his wife's jewelry box, and borrow a bit of detergent, and enjoy the extra long spin cycle! Is that so wrong!? Soon I'm butt naked, with my arms in the air, bending over and giving my neighbor the full view! Who knew Mr. Rogers could be so cruel!?

Date Added: January 17, 2020


26 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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