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Eating the Eye Candy ---Vore fetish

Features: A vore fetish clip that includes M & S taboo relationship role playing, magical shrinking of my S and his friends, swallowing up and feasting on tiny, male strippers, and open mouth close-ups! Both consensual and unwanted vore role playing; Blue dress and push-up bra; Opening my mouth wide to show my tongue, teeth, gums, and back of throat; “Swallowing” little man props; Descriptive talk about my enjoyment of the digestive process; Teasing with cleavage but there’s no nudity in this clip. I say goodnight to my s-n and his college friends and head out the door. I’m eager to get my usual front row table at the strip club! I try to sit right by the stage so that I have the best view and can carefully plan out my menu for the night. Oh, shoot. I forgot my phone. I hurry back in the house and I’m shocked to find my s-n and his two friends dancing on top of my kitchen counter top! What are they thinking!? And what are they wearing? Man-thongs? Banana hammocks? Bowties? They look like they are ready to hit the stage at the strip club! Confronting my s-n, I spot an application in his hand for a part time position at The Ballroom. The strip club! MY strip club! I can’t have my s-n and his friends working there. That’s where I pick and choose my snacks for the night. I can’t add my s-n and his friends to my dinner plate! Or…can I?? These two friends do look tempting and delicious. And the idea of having my s-n fully inside of me again after all these years is exciting. But I’d have to shrink the three of them. Just like I do with the male strippers at the club. I’ll need to shrink them down to bite-size. Or, I guess, swallow-size! I’ll demonstrate the process to my s-n and his friends a couple of times. I enjoy the fear that spreads over the faces of the two friends as I swallow up first one and then a second tiny, male dancer. But my s-n….he doesn’t seem afraid. He seems almost intrigued, curious, and excited. As though he wants this to happen; he wants to be inside of his m-ther! I’ll slow the digestive process down for my s-n so that he and I can fully enjoy being closer to each other than we’ve been in a very long time! I’ll help him climb into my mouth and from there he can start his long, dark journey through my body!

Date Added: February 4, 2022


32 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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