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Dick on the Brain!

Features: Virtual first date role playing; Sex-crazed woman and oblivious man; Pink dress and teasing with cleavage; Dirty talking; Full nudity as I ride and fuck myself with my realistic toy; Very wet orgasm!

Dating has been tough in 2020. It's hard to even get to first base when we have to stay 6 feet apart from one another. I've decided to take Mr Richard Johnson up on his offer to experiment with an online first date. My laptop and webcam in front of me, Skype rings and rings as I adjust my cleavage and fix my hair, waiting for Richard to answer. Oh, wow! We've exchanged pictures through texts but he's even more sexy as I watch him move around during our video call! And I love the sound of his voice. I make my first attempt to tell him how much I want to see his cock and my not-so-subtle hint seems to go right over his head. I give him the universal sign for jacking off. It gets me nowhere. I even flat out tell him how good I am with my mouth and hands. He just wants to talk about how he's a world champion Scrabble player. Hmmm. As he talks about himself and asks me perfectly innocent questions about myself, I seem to keep misunderstanding him. What was that he said about having a footlonger!? Ohhh...as in a footlong sub sandwich. Did he say he needs to go grab his big package!? Oh, the Amazon one by the front door. Before I know it, this dude is saying goodnight, leaving me wet and alone with nothing but a computer for company. Why am I so cock-crazed!? Why am I so dick obsessed!? Did I just let my hormones blow this date? (Or...not blow?) Fuck it, I'm just gonna take a nap. And that's when the sex fantasy begins!! One way or another, I'm getting some cock tonight!

Date Added: September 18, 2020


30 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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