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Curse of the Pearl Necklace

Features: A cursed pirate queen and her crew require the cum of a male virgin in order to lift the spell! But she’s not going to just trust that your cum is safe for consumption. Not until she’s made you eat some first! Pirate costume, fishnet stockings, boots, push-up bra; Dominate woman; Held captive; Cum eating encouragement and CEI; Squirting toy; Hand job, blow job, tit fucking my toy; Cum play; Big tit worship; Cock worship; Submissive male; Dirty talk and getting messy with fake cum! Panty teasing and topless nudity.

Aaaarrrrgh! It means “fuck my tits” in pirate! One of my crewmates has gone and done a very dumb thing. He has defiled and dishonored a mermaid by groping her tits! That’s seven years of bad luck at a minimum and a fatal curse at worst. Which is exactly where my crew and I find ourselves now. We have two days left to lift the curse that has been cast upon us. Should we fail, our ship and us along with it will be sucked down into a deadly whirlpool and we shall never sail the seas again! The only way to lift this Curse of the Pearl Necklace is to obtain a huge load of cum from a pure, innocent male virgin! I’ve gathered up some men from the town that we’ve just seized, hoping that at least a few of them are virgins. I’ve got one of these men here in front of me now. He is hard and horny as he stares at all of my cleavage. He promises that he is a virgin and that he’s ready and willing to give me his cum. In exchange, I’ll make sure his first ever hand job, blow job, and tit fuck are the best he will ever have! But…how do I know he really is a virgin? How do I know his cum is safe for me to swallow!? He could have scurvy! Or he could be a tricky merman in disguise, with poison cum that will make me explode! There’s only one option: this virgin needs to eat his own cum. He needs to stand before me and lick his own precum out of my hand. Will you do it, virgin? Will you eat your own cum and lick my hand clean if it means that you’ll have the best orgasm you’ve ever had!?


Date Added: October 22, 2021


42 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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