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Cuckold Foot Slave

Features: cuckold fantasy role play; wife and husband threesome fantasy; foot fetish; bare soles; high heels; heel dangling and popping; teasing with and posing my long legs; different views of my feet and legs; matching bra and panty set; mini dress; ankle bracelet; big, fake tits; verbal humiliation as I describe our cuckold fantasy plans; foot fetish humiliation; jerk off encouragement; sharing your wife; encouraged to cheat; foot fucking encouragement; descriptive dirty talk about your foot fetish, my feet, and your cuckold fantasy.  You can't believe what you are about to say to your wife. The first experience was just a couple of weeks ago, but you already want more of it. You're already hard, horny, and obsessed with the idea of licking, kissing, and worshipping your wife's feet while you watch another man enjoy your wife's body for a second time. You and your wife have a free weekend coming up and, before you can stop yourself, you are kneeling at the foot of the bed, looking up at your wife's legs and feet, asking her for permission to become her cuckold foot slave one more time! Your wife is surprised. You really enjoyed watching another man sexually satisfy your wife that much? So much so that you are willing to face the humiliation of jerking off from your spot on the floor while another man rolls around in your bed? That first experience is one that certainly hasn't left your wife's mind either. She is eager to bring another cock into the bedroom again. A big, thick dick that can pleasure her pussy the way that she wants, leaving you with just her sweaty soles.  Your wife has known about your foot and heel obsession for a long time now. And she's happy to indulge this pervy kink of yours. If you want to spend your night sniffing heels and licking toes, fine. But your wife wants cock. The biggest and best cock that she can find. There is a man at work, Tim, that she has had her eye on. In fact, your wife has already talked to Tim about joining her in your marital bed. Tim seems intrigued and excited about the idea of getting his hands on your wife. Hearing that you would be watching the action with a hard-on from the bedroom corner made Tim laugh. Do you like the idea of a man laughing and grinning at you while he tells you how amazing your wife's tits are? Of course you like that. That's what makes you such a good cuck.  Your wife tells you that it's time to admit that this cuckold arrangement is going to be an ongoing thing. You can spend as much time sniffing, fucking, and cumming all over your wife's soles as you'd like. In return, your wife is going to enjoy Tim's cock pumping her full of his big load of cum. You will suck on her toes as they curl up in your mouth as another man makes your wife cum. You'll lick and savor the sweat that collects on her soles as your wife works hard to drain Tim's dick. And right there in the moment, you'll tell Tim just how good it feels to be on your knees, your mouth full of toes, watching another man give your wife the fulfilling sex that she deserves.  Go on. Grab your phone. Call Time and invite him over to fuck your wife. 

Date Added: May 24, 2024


40 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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