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Co-Worker Forgets Her Panties

Features: sex with a co-worker roleplay; a lot of up-skirt flashing; teasing with leg crossing, bending over, and nip slips; torso man sex doll; mini-skirt, sweater, heels, and glasses; riding my sex doll forward and backward!

I've rushed over to your apartment after receiving your phone call. You sounded pretty worried and stressed out. Look, this presentation for work isn't happening until Monday. We have all weekend to continue to rehearse and get our charts, information, and spreadsheets gathered up. What was that? You mumbled something about our boss coming over to your apartment. TODAY? And he is bringing clients with him and wants to see the presentation today? WTF!? I can't give a presentation right now! I'm not prepared! No, it's not about our paperwork. Today was supposed to be laundry day. But instead of laundry, I spent my day rushing over here to your place. Which means....I didn't have time to wash, dry, and put on a bra or panties! I absolutely cannot stand here in your living room with a bunch of important men sitting on your couch, looking up my mini-skirt. Well, maybe my skirt isn't that short after all. How about I bend over and you tell me if I'm exposing myself, okay? There. What do you see? Everything? Oh, just great! And just where are all of us going to sit in your apartment, huh? You've invited a lot of people over and this couch is going to be crowded. I'm going to have to sit my ass right on your lap. And I know that when I sit down, your already hard cock is going to be wedging my mini-skirt right up between my ass cheeks, bunching my hemline up even higher and putting everything on display for every man in the room! But sitting on your lap is the best seat in the house. Your hard dick is turning me on as you grind against my tight, little skirt. I can't help but reach between my legs and feel myself up. Soon, I'll have these big tits pulled out of my tight sweater and you'll be enjoying the view while your sexy co-worker rides your cock until she cums!

Date Added: February 16, 2024


30 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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