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Christmas Cums Early

Features: HE'S BAAAAACK!! The debut of TorsoMan 3.0! How did my costar do in this clip? Please leave his lazy ass some constructive criticism. (FYI: His cock is 100% bigger or thicker or SOMETHING compared to the previous one!) This clip is all about fucking Mrs Claus on Christmas Eve while Santa is out delivering gifts. There is also a kinky impregnation fantasy twist towards the end! Sexy Santa costume and black heels; Riding Torso Man forwards and backwards; POV role playing; A lot of dirty talk; Playing with and bouncing my tits; Blow job; Begging for a creampie; Creamy orgasm!

You've sent your yearly letter to Santa. Not that your Christmas wish will ever come true. But at least you can say you've tried. All you've ever wanted as an adult for Christmas is to spread Mrs Claus' legs and stuff her pussy full of your big cock. Is that too much to ask? You would love to look up at her bouncing tits as she rides your cock! You just want Santa to share his sexy wife with you for one memorable Christmas night. Just long enough to pump Mrs Claus full of cum, show her how amazing sex can be with any one else but Santa, and turn her into a total slut for your cock! And just like that....your wish comes true! Mrs Claus is here in your bedroom, wearing a skimpy red velvet dress and begging for a taste of your cock! She wants to ride you all night long, take your load of cum, and she's even hoping to get knocked up by you so that she can show off her baby bump back at the North Pole. She wants a constant reminder of just how amazing your dick is and just what a Christmas slut she has become! Hoe, Hoe, Hoe!

Date Added: December 4, 2020


37 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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