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Christmas Cuck!

Features: Dirty talk and role playing centered around cuckoldry and watching me have sex with your bro! Slutty wife role playing; Cucking my husband; Sex for money; Red mini-dress and heels; Red push-up bra and thong; Finger fucking myself to orgasm as I describe to you exactly how I want you to watch as I enjoy your bro’s cock in multiple ways! I went along with this unconventional fundraising idea that my husband came up with. As a scientist, my husband’s groundbreaking research requires a lot of money. Government grants and funds are taking much too long to come through. We need this project fully funded now! So my husband creates an account on a dating site. One that auctions off “dates” to the highest bidders! The bids came rolling in right away. Everyone seemed to want a chance at being with me for one night! The price was climbing and climbing with higher and higher bids coming in every hour. At just the last minute, someone with a brand new account on the site swoops in, shatters the top bid, and wins the date night with me! My husband and I are excited and we’ve more than met our financial goal. Plus, I get to spend the evening fucking a stranger, a fantasy I’ve wanted to fulfill for a long time! But maybe this top bidder isn’t a stranger after all. What do we do when we find out that my evening of fucking and orgasms will be with my bro-in-law!? My husband’s older bro!? I know what we will do. I’m going on this date. I want to find out just how similar my husband and his bro are to each other! Will he fuck me just as good as my husband does? Maybe even better? Will he give me multiple orgasms? Most importantly, how hard is my husband going to be while he sits in the corner of the room, stroking his cock, watching his bro pound away at his wife? I know he wants to watch this happen. It was part of the excitement of this auction all along! My husband wants to be my little cuck for the night and allow another man to have full possession of his wife’s attention and body! I think my husband would really enjoy having me lock eyes with him, encouraging him to stroke his cock, while being bent over and fucked from behind by his extra-hard bro!

Date Added: December 17, 2021


23 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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