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Cheap Meal

Features: Vore role playing (both POV and a tiny prop are used); Mouth, tongue, and teeth close-ups; Licking and kissing; Husband/cheating wife role playing; Male humiliation; Financial humiliation; POV vore as well as a view from the side as I swallow you up; Bra and panty teasing; Topless nudity

The floor seems to shake as the thunderous sounds of your wife's heels click across the living room. The small glass box you are being held captive in rattles harder and harder as your wife moves closer to the kitchen counter top that you have been placed on. Soon, as you stare up through the glass, your vision is filled with the sight of your wife's monstrously huge tits and even bigger toothy grin. She cruelly taps on the glass. As though you are an amusing curiosity or a trapped insect rather than her husband. Your wife doesn't refer to you as her husband these days. You are her "tiny pet" and she has just come home after a long, hard, sex-filled night at YOUR office, with YOUR coworker! From inside your box, you watch and listen as your wife checks herself out in the mirror and gushes about how fun her night was and about what a disappointment her tiny husband is. Even with how cruel your wife has been to you, you can't help but get a major erection as her mountainous tit tower above you. She recounts to you how much she enjoyed watching you shrink. She reduced her husband down to a bite-size trophy, the perfect every day reminder of how much you've lost and how much power and control your wife has taken from you. Not only has she stripped you of your normal body size, she's also taken your bank accounts, house, career, friends, and everything else you've worked hard for! Your wife chose to shrink you in order to give you another chance to make yourself useful in her wife. If you could prove to use your new tiny stature to satisfy your wife, you'd be worth keeping around. But you haven't been able to do that! And it's too late for your begging and tears. Your wife is moving on. She's going to marry your coworker and enjoy his money. But that means that her current husband needs to disappear! Your wife wants to get rid of you....but keep you with her. She wants to end your life while making you a part of hers. To have her cake and EAT it too! Your wife is going to eat you. Swallow you whole and make you disappear. But you'll always be a part of your wife's body, in one way or another. 

Date Added: July 8, 2022


28 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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