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Cardiooohhh! ---Heartbeat/Stethoscope/Medical fetish clip

Features: Grab some earbuds! My actual recorded heartbeat is in this clip but it’s quieter than I was hoping it would be. Around the 24-minute mark, you’ll be able to hear it a bit better all the way through to the end! Doctor/patient role playing; Medical fetish; Heartbeat and stethoscope fetish; Breath play and controlling my breathing; Wearing and playing around with my Littmann stethoscope; Mic’d stethoscope for recording my heartbeat in real-time; Teasing with cleavage and upskirt views; Sheer thong and pushup bra; Full nudity; Dirty talk revolving around seducing my doctor, foreplay with a stethoscope, and sexualized fantasy of being examined and having my heart listened to; A quiet orgasm with a vibrator! It was very kind of my doctor to offer his opinion on some audio that I’ve recorded of my heart. I’ve been a little stressed and worried about the fact that my heart feels as though it skips a beat at times. Dr Beaver assured me after his examination of me that nothing was wrong but I can’t seem to shake this worry I have about the thumping of my heart. I made sure to wear a tight, cleavage-revealing dress for this video I’ve filmed for the doctor. I’ll admit it: I want him. I love the feeling of his hand against my back as he presses his stethoscope against my chest, right above my breasts. A couple of times he has even asked to listen to my heart in an area just below my breast! It was such a turn on taking off my shirt, unclasping my bra, and watching his eyes grow big as he tried to not stare at my huge tits! He’s a professional. But he’s still a man! And I can tell he enjoys examining me and listening to my heart just as much as I love having his hands on me! I’m eager to send him this video! Will he get hard as he listens to my heart? Will he give in right away and start jerking off as I take off my bra and flash him my panties, stethoscope hanging right between my thighs? Or will he try to remain calm and collected and simply listen to my heart as it starts to thump faster and harder the more I buzz my vibrator against my clit!? Maybe after listening to my heart, my doctor will decide that he needs to see me in his office twice a week, on top of his desk, both of us naked….except for my stethoscope!

Date Added: January 14, 2022


35 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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