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Breaking News: You're a Woman!

Features: A gender transformation clip featuring you as a TV news anchorman and me as your makeup and wardrobe assistant! Induced feminization; Induced cross-dressing; Sissy and slut/bimbo play; Male-to-female gender change role play; Growth fetish; Makeup application fantasy; Magical lotion and makeup serves as the transformation catalyst; French maid costume and lingerie for YOU and a tight dress for me; Sensual domination and humiliation; Teasing with cleavage and a push-up bra; Descriptive dialogue surrounding your physical and mental changes. At 9pm every night, you're a fixture in almost every house in the country! People turn on the nightly news to see and listen to their favorite anchorman. You've got that deep, manly voice that commands attention. A strong body that creates a striking silhouette in your well-tailored suits. Even your 5 o'clock shadow has become a signature masculine trait of yours that other men want to emulate! But what happens when your makeup and wardrobe assistant strips all of your testosterone and masculinity away from you!? And what are you going to do with that hard erection now that you are in a frilly French maid costume and bright, red lipstick!? Watch and find out!

Date Added: July 6, 2021


53 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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