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Bed and Breakfast ??? Vore fetish clip

Features: A vore fetish clip with both shrunken and same-size vore role playing; A couple arrives at my bed and breakfast inn, hoping to acquire a room for the night; I shrink the wife and a tiny figure is used to represent her while everything else is framed from your (the husband's) POV; A magical beverage acts as the shrinking catalyst; I start the clip off wearing a tight mini-dress, heels, and red lipstick; Full-nudity in this clip but no direct spread shots; Mouth vore; Pussy vore; Descriptive talk about swallowing and digesting your wife and other tiny women; Some mouth close ups as I talk, smile, and right before I swallow you up!

A couple arrives at my bed and breakfast inn, hoping to acquire a room for the night. They don't have a reservation and I usually don't accept guests into my home this far into the evening. I prefer that my guests arrive early so that they can participate in cocktail hour and conversations. I like to have plenty of time to get my female guests inebriated. Sometimes the ingredients that I slip into their beverages require a bit of time to take full effect. Plus, it's always nice to have an opportunity to size up the men. Which husbands will I fuck tonight? Which will I shrink and add into the morning's breakfast along with the women? Maybe I'll enjoy swallowing up a full-size man. Whenever I do that though I'm always left with a huge, stuffed stomach and I require a few hours in bed so that I can properly digest. Well, it's raining outside....and the wife does look delicious. So does the husband's bulge in his pants! I'll make an exception for this couple and let them stay. I'm sure I can find an excuse to slip them a couple of evening cocktails! I interrupt the couple while they are having sex and invite myself into the action. But after being turned down and rejected, I decide to put my plan into action right away. I seek revenge by shrinking the wife so that I can turn her into just another one of my secret ingredients available to my guests at the breakfast buffet. Ughhh. My stomach is growling though. I'm so hungry. Thankfully I have stashes of little snacks hidden throughout my house. I'll munch on a few tiny women while I comfort the shocked husband. He's just witnessed the shrinking of his wife but his dick is still so hard for me. Truthfully, I think he's excited to be laying on a bed with a women that isn't his wife! Ooops, I meant to save the wife for the buffet but I couldn't resist eating her and tasting her. She was sooooo good. What made her taste so delicious!? Maybe it's because the wife was filled with her husband's cum! Is it his cum that's responsible for the irresistible flavor of his wife? Only one way to find out. Give him a blow job? Haha! No Way. Eat HIM!!

Date Added: April 16, 2021


54 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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