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Batman is a Boot Man! ---Boot/Pantyhose fetish clip

Features: Shiny, metallic Robin the Girl Wonder costume (bodysuit, cape, gloves, short wig, red lipstick); Shiny pantyhose; Red, thigh-high PVC boots; Descriptive talk about my new boots and our mutual boot fetish; Boot kissing and licking; Boot lacing and buckling; Jerk-off encouragement and some dirty talk; Light domination/boot slave dialogue; Topless nudity; Up-the-stairs POV so that my legs are in the shot the entire time!

Some men are boob men and some men are ass men. Batman is a boot man, even if he's too embarrassed over his secret fetish to admit it to his sidekick, Robin the Girl Wonder. This private fascination of Batman's though is no secret at all. All of the sexy babes of Gotham know alllll about B-Man's boner for thigh-high boots! Robin happens to love sexy, shiny boots too so she completely understands Batman's lust for them. She wishes he would just come out of the boot fetish closet so that the two of them could enjoy her new, seductive, red boots together. It's going to take some teasing and convincing though to get Batman to loosen up and let his guard down. Robin poses on the stairs in front of Batman, giving him the full view of her legs, pantyhose, and boots. She watches his eyes go up and down her body and she sees his bulge grow huge and thick in his tights! Robin decides to share with Batman the details of her boot shopping experience earlier today. The shoe store salesman really had an appreciation for boots as well and was more than happy to stroke Robin's legs, feet, thighs, and boots as he helped Robin to get her new boots laced, zipped, buckled, and strapped onto her long legs. The salesman was all too eager to confess his boot fetish and in return he was allowed to kiss, lick, stroke Robin's boots, and cum all over himself while he worshiped Robin. Wouldn't Batman like to have the same luxury? He's not going to let a shoe salesman fill a position he desperately wants to be in himself, is he? Batman is looking upset, jealous, and a little desperate as his dick continues to grow inside of his now much too snug tights! He wants his tongue on Robin's boots! He wants to fuck Robin's boots! He wants his face between Robin's thighs while she surrounds him with her boots and legs. Her boots have always been such a sexual obsession for him. He finds himself sniffing them, staring at them, jerking off to the thought of them at least 12 times a day! Batman can't hold out any longer, lets his cock rip right through his tights, and beats off at superhero speed while Robin extends her long legs and boots out towards his cock! After he has cum all over himself and her boots, Robin snaps a picture with her phone and sends it along to Catwoman with the caption, "Look at our new live-in boot slave! Sparkling clean boots from here on out!".

Date Added: October 18, 2019


36 min of video


Rating: 0.0/5.0

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