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Armpit Therapy???Armpit fetish clip

Features: Armpit fetish and worship; Topless nudity; Close-ups of my armpits and tits; Personal trainer role play; Sports bra and booty shorts; Dirty talking revolving around your armpit fetish.

You've finished day 7 of your one-on-one sessions with your personal trainer! It was day after day of hard workouts but your trainer helped keep you motivated, inspired, and...stimulated. Your reward for a full week of intense training is a deep tissue massage provided by Kayla herself! You lay down on the massage bed and your trainer tells you that she needs to be on top of you so that she has full access to your neck and shoulder muscles. Fuck, will she feel your boner pressing against her incredibly tiny shorts as she straddles you and pushes her tits into your face? And it's not just her tits filling up your vision right now. She also seems to be inching her armpits closer and closer to your nose and mouth. First the left one, all shiny with sweat. Then the right one, so close you can smell her sweat. You are rock hard now and that hip grinding motion she's making as she massages your shoulders isn't helping the situation! Why does Kayla keep smirking at you as she lowers her armpits closer and closer to your face? Is it possible that she has figured out your fetish? Does she know how often you've jerked off, dreaming about one day smelling and tasting her armpit!? Yep, Kayla knows all about your sweaty armpit fantasy and she loves the attention you want to devote to her pits! Your personal trainer wants to get your cock as big and as hard as she can and she knows that letting you watch her touch, sniff, kiss, and lick her own pits will drive your cock insane! Maybe if you promise to give her a big load of cum, she will give you a taste or two of the armpits you've been dreaming about for days and days!

Date Added: June 19, 2020


30 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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