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Armpit Appreciation!---Armpit fetish clip

Features: A clip for armpit and sweat lovers! Bratty, bitchy cam girl role play; Model/photographer role play; Sports bra and booty shorts; Armpit close-ups; Cleavage close-ups; Armpit touching, smelling, kissing, and licking; Dirty talking revolving around your passion for my sweaty body and my armpits!

She's here! She's late but she's here. You better close your laptop so that cam girl Kayla doesn't see that just moments ago her new photographer was jerking off to images of her armpits! Kayla is sweaty, having walked a couple of blocks to your photography studio on this hot Summer day. You can't help but wonder if there is sweat glistening on her armpits right now. Is sweat rolling down her back? Maybe in between her boobs? You start to get hard as you imagine yourself lifting Kayla's t-shirt up and pushing your nose right into her sweaty pits! Get a grip, man. Kayla already looks annoyed and she's acting pretty stuck up and rude. How would she treat you if she found out you were a pervy armpit lover!? When she lifts her arms up to strike a sexy pose for you, instead of pulling the shutter button on your camera, you find yourself pulling at your pants in a desperate attempt to hide your insane hard-on! She has big wet spots under her arms! She has sweat right through her shirt and you are losing your mind with desire for her. Kayla must have seen your giant bulge throbbing through your pants. She must have heard you gasp and moan. Before you know it Kayla is offering you her sweaty shirt and her sweaty pits. Put your nose and your tongue to work and get to licking up Kayla's sweat. That means everywhere: pits, tits, neck, and ass crack! Good luck!

Date Added: September 6, 2019


21 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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