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Alice and Her Stolen Panty!

Features: Alice in Wonderland costume and role playing! Magical potions that increase my sex drive! Blonde pigtails; white stockings, mary jane heels, blue Alice dress, apron, many petticoats, blue lingerie, fishnet stockings; Bunny tail butt plug, Bunny-shaped vibrating dildo; Fun camera angles thanks to my large mirror; Pussy and ass close-ups; Up-skirt views; A little bit of dirty talk; Rubbing with fingers and playing with my toys until I have a super wet, creamy orgasm!

Alice dozed off while reading her book and was awaken by the sensation of a cool breeze between her legs. Sitting up, she lifted her blue dress and immediately saw what the problem was. Her panty was gone! Stolen right off of her! And the fluffy tail bouncing away, which Alice just barely managed to catch a glimpse of, gives Alice all the information she needs on just who this panty thief might be. Alice chases after the white rabbit, determined to catch him before he escapes. But before she knows it the rabbit has hopped off into Wonderland, with Alice close behind, leading her into a world of trouble yet again. Catching her breath, calling for the rabbit, feeling quite awkward without any panties on, Alice sees a trail of little bottles laid out before her. They seem to be leading her up the stairs to a large looking glass. But these mini potions aren't like the ones she has encountered before. Alice wont be growing or shrinking. These potions are going to elevate her hormones and increase her sex drive! After 10 bottles, Alice is wild with sexual energy that she is eager to burn off. Luckily, someone is watching her through the magic looking glass and supplies her with some sex toys. Alice gets busy and gets off! Cum is dripping every where by the time she decides that she has had enough. But it's against the law to go without panties in Wonderland and the Queen has caught Alice. What will Alice do to escape her punishment of a public spanking? Maybe the Cheshire Cat will help!?

Date Added: October 11, 2019


35 min of video


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